Open Letter to the Yemeni Parties to the Conflict from 141 NGOs

Open Letter to the Yemeni Parties to the Conflict from 141 NGOs: Restore and Renew the Truce and Build Lasting Peace

As we mark eight long years of the conflict in Yemen and one year since the start of the now lapsed truce agreement of 2 April 2022, we call on you to maintain sharp focus on reaching a new truce deal and initiating steps towards a real, long-lasting, and inclusive Yemeni peace process.

The six-month truce shifted Yemen into a new phase, one that could represent the beginning of the end of this conflict. We call on you to ensure that this moment of opportunity grows into lasting peace and promise for the people of Yemen, a new era that would enable them to restore their lives and contribute to building the future of their country.

Since the truce came into effect last year, fighting, conflict-related displacement and civilian casualties have notably decreased. As organizations actively involved in the humanitarian response across Yemen, we have seen firsthand how the movement of commodities and people has opened, enabling them greater access to lifesaving services like medical care, or simply the ability to reunite with friends and family. We have frequently heard from those we serve, how they have been able to dream again, of a better future and a life of opportunity and growth instead of suffering and stunting.

This progress is nothing short of extraordinary. It is the result of a growing political willingness to find a peaceful resolution for the people of Yemen and must be acknowledged. But the gains that have been made are fragile. We call on you to protect the people of Yemen by fully respecting International Humanitarian Law and facilitating unencumbered humanitarian access for aid actors to reach communities in need. We also call on you to refrain from using the economy and its institutions to inflict

harm that all too often is felt largely by the civilian population. Economic deterioration, divided monetary systems, lack of salaries and rising prices, continue to exhaust millions of Yemeni families.

At the recent pledging event for the humanitarian response in Yemen, INGOs called on the international community to compliment peace efforts with renewed funding to promote a holistic recovery in Yemen. We were shocked and appalled when less than one third of the funds needed were pledged. We will not stop in our efforts to secure the full amount of funding needed to ensure the safety and dignity of those in need of humanitarian aid. We make that commitment to the Yemeni people. At the same time, all parties to the conflict must work together to ensure a lasting peace and that an equitable recovery from conflict is delivered. The people of Yemen deserve nothing less.

Any truce and longer-term peace process must be inclusive. CSOs, women, youth and marginalized communities should have a seat at the table. As we move into the ninth year of the conflict in Yemen, we call on you to stand firm for peace. May this Ramadan be a time of introspection and hope for the future of Yemen and may this year’s sad mark of the conflict in Yemen be the last.


International Non-Governmental Organizations

  • 1. Medglobal
  • 2. Norwegian Refugee Council
  • 4. Islamic Relief Worldwide
  • 5. Action for Humanity International
  • 6. Save the Children
  • 7. FSE Yemen
  • 8. CARE
  • 9. Polish Humanitarian Action
  • 10. Marie Stopes International Yemen
  • 11. Caritas Poland
  • 12. Danish Refugee Council
  • 13. War Child Canada
  • 14. ADRA
  • 15. READ Foundation
  • 16. OXFAM
  • 1. ACTED
  • 2. ZOA
  • 3. Relief International
  • 4. People in Need
  • 5. War Child UK
  • 6. The Center for Civilians in Conflict
  • 7. Norwegian People’s Aid
  • 8. International Rescue Committee
  • 9. Handicap International – Humanity & Inclusion
  • 10. Mercy Corps 11. Qatar Charity
  • 12. Action Contre la Faim
  • 13. Saferworld
  • 14. Première Urgence – Aide Médicale Internationale
  • 15. Vision Hope International
  • 16. Humanitarian Aid and Development Org

Yemeni Civil Society Organizations:

  1. Abs Development Organization for Women & Child
  2. Democracy School
  3. White Hands Association for Women’s Development
  4. Rawabi AL-Nahdah
  5. The Association for the Care and Rehabilitation
  6. Nasaem Foundation for Development
  7. Red Crescent Division Abs
  8. Weaam Empowerment Foundation
  9. Make Hope for Development and Relief (MHDR)
  10. Musahmah Organization for Human Development
  11. Ramz Development Foundation
  12. Tomorrow Foundation for Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Relief
  13. FANAR ADEN Foundation for human work
  14. Forum of students of Marib ( FSMCD )
  15. Nasaem Foundation for Development
  16. Association Trend of Human Development Mahweet Governorate
  18. Angela for Development and Humanitarian Response
  19. Rifa Foundation for Community and Human Development
  20. Generations Without Qat (GWQ)
  21. Enjaz foundation for Development
  22. Itar Foundation for Social Development
  23. Khadija Foundation for Development
  24. I’m Rural woman Organization for Community Development
  25. Yemeni National Midwives Association
  26. National Foundation for Development and Human Rights
  27. Yemeni Development Network For NGO’s
  28. Sustainable Development Foundation
  29. Soul For Development
  30. Medical Mercy Foundation
  31. Building Foundation for Development
  32. Youth Leadership Development Foundation
  33. All Girls Foundation for Development
  34. Family Counseling & Development Foundation
  35. For All Foundation
  36. Yemen Women’s Union
  37. Al-Aman Organization For Blind Women Care
  38. Hemmat Shabab Foundation For Development
  39. Relief and Development Peer Foundation
  40. Rawahel Foundation for Development
  41. Wa3i Foundation
  42. Benevolance Coalation For Humanitarian Relief
  43. Field Medical Foundation
  44. Nahda Makers Foundation
  45. Civil Alliance for Peace
  46. Afaq Shababia Foundation
  47. Marib Girls Foundation
  48. Alf Ba Civilian & Coexistence Foundation
  49. Creative People Solutions Foundation
  50. Yemeni Response Council
  51. Resonate! Yemen
  52. LOOK INSIDE Foundation For Development
  53. Jeel Al Bena Association for Humanitarian Development
  54. Gusoor for Peace and Coexistence
  1. Ejad Foundation For Development
  2. Ma’akum Foundation for Development
  3. Deem for Development Organization
  4. Musanadah Foundation for Development
  5. Yemen Peace School Organization
  6. Rowad Foundation
  7. Togather for Development & Human Rights
  8. YNGO’s Coalition for Child Rights Care
  9. Tatweer For Development and Humanitarian Response Foundation(TATWEER)
  10. Yemen Alkhair for Relief and Development Foundation
  11. Mysarah for Development
  12. Wujoh Foundation for Media and Development
  13. Volunteers Foundation
  14. Youth Without Borders Organization for Development
  15. Sheba Youth Foundation for Development
  16. Improve Your Society Organization
  17. Millennium Development Foundation
  18. Sada Foundation for Building &Development
  19. Rasd Foundation For Human Development
  20. Watch for Human Rights
  21. National Prisoner Foundation
  22. Change Horizon Forum
  23. Eayha’a Foundation for calm and social Peace
  24. Social Development Hodeidah Girls Foundation
  25. Basma Foundation for Child Development and Woman
  26. The Center for Strategic Studies to Support Women and Child
  27. Social Peace Promotion & Legal Protection
  28. Peace and Building Foundation
  29. Yemeni Food Bank
  30. Yemen Medicine Bank
  31. Ithraa Developmental Foundation
  32. Future Social Charity Association
  33. Yemeni Psychological Association
  34. Heran Foundation for Local Development
  35. Estijabah Foundation for Humanitarian Aid and Relief
  36. Manarat Foundation
  37. Social Solidarity Foundation for Development
  38. National Organization for Health Development
  39. Ghadaq for Development
  40. Al-Awn Foundation for Development
  41. Wogood for Human Security
  42. Mercy Wings Foundation for Relief And Development
  43. Cadres Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Relief
  44. Knoz Yemen for Humanitarian Development
  45. Change Horizons Forum
  46. Together We Rise Social Association
  47. Qarar foundation for media and development
  48. Ethra Foundation
  49. Eaha’s Foundation for calm & Social Peace
  50. Aid response and development organization “
  51. Free Media for Investigative Journalism
  52. Wama Foundation for Development and Human Rights
  53. Wahg Al-hyat Foundation
  54. Youth Fingerprint for Relief and Development Organization
  55. Namaa Network (YND)

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